mandag 4. november 2013

News from the parish office - week 45

Prayer for the faithful departed in November
In November we pray especially for the faithful departed. Those who wish to have a Mass celebrated in their special intention can contact the priest in the sacristy before Mass, or drop by the parish office. We can not guarantee that the Mass will be celebrated the same day.
Everyone is also invited to write the names of their loved ones in the books put out in St. Olav and St. Joseph church. We will pray in silence for all those named there in the Masses.

A big thank you to everyone who helped lead joint rosary prayer before the evening Mass every weekday in October!

During Caritas Sunday the parish raised kr 47.079, - The money has been transferred to Caritas Norway who have written to us to thank us for our support!

Support the earthquake victims in the Philippines:
Many Filipinos in Norway come from the area affected by the earthquake in the Philippines. We encourage those who have the opportunity to support the work Caritas is doing locally to reduce the distress of those affected. Account number: 8200.01.93433. Note the contribution of "Aid Philippines - earthquakes".