torsdag 17. oktober 2013

Messe for jordskjelvofre - Mass for earthquake victims

Tirsdag 15. oktober rammet jordskjelvet Filippinene, på øya Bohol. Det er mange døde og skadede, store materielle ødeleggelser, deriblant ti kulturminnekirker skadet eller helt ødelagt. Cebu City tvers over sundet, på øya Cebu, er også hardt rammet. 

Fredag 18. oktober minnes ofrene under messen i St. Joseph kirke i Oslo, klokken 18.00.

There will be a mass on Friday 18. October at St. Joseph Church at 6 pm. for a collective prayer for those affected by the recent catastrophy that struck Bohol, Cebu and the neighboring counties. This mass will be offered for all Filipinos who are affected of the calamities due to the Earthquake last Tuesday 15th and its strong aftershocks in the Central part of the Philippines, were it took lives of many people, injured and some are still missing and in the state of trauma. We will also pray for all those affected by the other calamities in recent weeks, Taiphoons Labuyo and Odette, which devastated parts of Luzon.

This will also give as a chance to discuss after the mass as to how best we can help. Please inform our kababayans. Fr. Pål will say the mass.